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8 Benefits of Installing an Efficient HVAC System in Stockton

If you live in Stockton, CA, you do not want to wait until the summer’s 90-degree heat begins to install an efficient HVAC system. This term, which stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning,” is a system that controls the temperature inside your home, without the need for individual window units or fans.

If your system is getting older, or if it is not working reliably, or if you do not yet have one in your home, now is the perfect time to repair, replace, or install your HVAC in order to ensure a reliable source of comfortable cooling during the hottest parts of the year. Newer systems are more efficient (that means energy-saving), and can offer you a number of benefits that improve both your comfort and your budget.

Benefits Installing Efficient HVAC System

Consistent Home Temperatures

Modern HVAC systems are not only efficient at managing your indoor temperatures, they also give you a great deal of control over your home environment. Rather than suffer from overly cold air, overheated spaces, or varying temperatures, you can set each section of your home to the precise temperature you desire. A new system can maintain each part of your home to your perfect comfort level, ensuring a home you can enjoy, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Healthier Indoor Air

With modern filtration systems integrated into today’s systems, keeping your air filtered and clean is also easier with an efficient HVAC system in your Stockton home. For example, you can filter out allergens such as pollen and dust or even choose filters that reduce the number of microbes and viruses in your air. As a result, you can enjoy a healthier, less allergy-laden, spring, summer and fall with an upgraded heating and cooling system in your space.

Lower Energy Costs

Professional HVAC technician measuring amperage on an air conditioner unit Improved heating and cooling and healthier air come at a LOWER price when you choose an efficient HVAC system for your Stockton, CA, home. The reason? These systems are also more efficient, meaning that they regulate the temperature in your environment using LESS energy than your current system. By more precisely regulating your home’s temperature and creating less draw on your electric grid, they can add up to significant savings every month.

Lower Energy Costs

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Greater control over your indoor space can also result in lower energy consumption because your system is not overheating or over cooling your space. It is only devoting the amount of energy needed to bring your home to the desired temperature. That lower energy usage translates into a smaller demand for fossil fuels, leading to a smaller carbon footprint. That is a win for you and for the environment.

Quieter Operation

If you are tired of being startled every time your energy system kicks on, or if you are dreaming of sleeping more soundly without a rattle in your home, then you may enjoy the performance of an efficient HVAC system. Newer systems generally operate more quietly, creating a soothing and non-disruptive way of cooling and heating your home. You may not even notice when the system goes on and off. All you will notice is the perfectly regulated temperature of your home.

Smarter Controls

HVAC tech working on installing a new air conditioner unit on a roof top. Part of the reason you can achieve more accurate control of your indoor space is through the use of smart thermostats and controls available through modern systems. These controls can allow you to set the temperature of your home for certain times of day (e.g. Warmer to save energy while you are at work and cooler in the evenings when you are at home), and for certain areas (e.g. Cooler downstairs before bed and upstairs after bedtime). You may even be able to control your environment from your smartphone.

HVAC tech installing new air conditioner unit

Longer Life

If your HVAC system is older than about 15 years, it is operating on borrowed time. Plus, you can expect to devote time and money toward increasingly frequent repairs or maintenance for your system. A new, modern system, on the other hand, will operate more efficiently, leading to a lower chance of breakdowns and more reliable performance. Plus, if you purchase a system through Phoenix Roofing & Solar, you can enjoy a warranty of up to 25 years, ensuring reliable heating and cooling for decades to come.

Improved Home Value

Finally, even if you do not plan to remain in your home until your new system requires replacement, you can still benefit from this system’s ability to add value to your home. These systems can add up to 10 percent in value to your home, meaning you can sell your home for more when it is time to move to a different living situation. Do not wait until you are sweating in the summer heat before you replace your HVAC system. At Phoenix Roofing & Solar, is the Stockton, CA, HVAC expert available to help you install an efficient system now. Our experts ensure that you get the right size unit for your home, the appropriate efficient rating, and the best possible financing deals to have you relaxing in energy-efficient comfort all year round. Contact us today to learn more!

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