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7 Essential Roof Maintenance Tips To Avoid Costly Repairs

A roof is a knight in shining armor of your dream abode.

The aesthetic attractiveness of your residence can be significantly depicted by the style, color, and materials of its roof. A well-designed roof can enhance a building’s exterior appeal and protect the house from weather extremities, irrespective of your topography.

This article is an attempt to brief you on the various existing roofing materials and how to choose the best one for your Stockton home.

Before diving into the list of best residential roofing materials, there are a few points to contemplate. Let’s have a detailed discussion on how to choose roofing materials for your Stockton home.

1. Get your roof inspected periodically

While it is easy to take your roof for granted, this essential home feature is responsible for keeping the weather and wet out of your residence. Keep a close eye on it with regular inspections. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends completing this task twice a year – In the fall and the spring.

However, you should check up on the condition of your roof NO LESS than once a year, and immediately after every major weather event, especially when living in Stockton, CA with its distinctive climate. Did you suffer through a hurricane? Hear hail pelting your roof? Hunker down through an ice or windstorm? Get your roof inspected to make sure that all the shingles are still in good condition. Here are some things you (Or the professional you consult) should look for:

  • Cracked shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Water damage
  • Broken flashing
Professional Roof Maintenance

Ideally, a professional who can get up on the roof and look around is the best option. Sometimes, it is difficult to see damage from the ground, and an up-close look can catch problems before they necessitate a full roof replacement.

2. Clean your gutters at least once a year

Gutters are your home’s primary defense system against water damage, funneling runoff from your roof directly away from your structure. Accumulated debris such as leaves, branches, or dirt can block this outlet, causing water to backup, overflow, and gradually damage your precious shingles.

Regular inspections and upkeep, particularly in Stockton, CA, where certain seasons can exacerbate rainfall, ensure your gutters are debris-free, resulting in optimal functionality and preserving the longevity of your shingles.

While some homeowners choose the DIY route by utilizing a hose or leaf blower, others prefer the expertise of professionals for regular cleanings. Regardless of your preference, ensure to concurrently check for potential leaks or damages during each clean-up procedure.

Professional Gutter cleaning

Although an annual clean-up might work for some homes, others located near wooded areas or those prone to frequent debris accumulation might need a more robust schedule. It’s always a good idea to consider a bi-annual, 6-monthly schedule to ensure your gutters are in peak condition.

Apart from strictly adhering to your cleaning schedule, be proactive. Familiarize yourself with the signs of a congested gutter system such as the sight of leaves or branches on your roof. Any sightings should signal an immediate clean-up, thus preventing any looming disaster, keeping your home and roof safe.

3. Install adequate roof insulation

This is crucial to not only prevent heat escape during winter season but also avoid damages caused by ice dams. Ice dams are usually formed when melting snow refreeze at the edges of your home’s roof and block further snow from draining properly. With great insulation and ventilation, heat in the attic will less likely to warm the snow on the roof and thus, reduces the chances of ice dam formation.

4. Cut back overhanging branches

Lots of trees around your home in Stockton, CA can do more than drop needles and leaves in your gutters. They can also grow onto your roof, where they can scratch your shingles. As a result, they can expose your roof to water damage and even rot. In addition, wet leaves and branches can also cause lingering dampness, which can contribute to the loss of your shingles.

When cutting back overhanging branches, go for more than just making sure they do not touch your roof. Branches should sit 6–10 feet away from your roof so that they can blow in the wind without touching your roof. As a bonus, this distance will also discourage pests from traveling from tree limbs onto your roof and potentially into your attic and home.

5. Repair issues as soon as they occur

Most roof inspections or gutter cleanup might reveal seemingly minor problems. The prospect of “saving money” could sway you into delaying the necessary repairs. However, perceived frugality can prove to be costly. Just like any other home in Stockton, CA, neglecting minor issues can manifest into larger complications necessitating more resources or, worse, a complete roof replacement.

Securing your finances means addressing these small snags as they arise. It is highly recommended to engage the services of a professional roofer to ensure a seamless fix. At Phoenix Roofing & Solar, our expertise extends beyond shingle and tile roof repairs. We pride ourselves on bringing a century’s worth of experience into every roof we repair or replace.

Endeavor to act promptly to address any roofing issues. Allow us to provide you with the premium support you need to stay proactive in your roof maintenance and safeguarding your investment in the process.

Tile roof repair

6. Remove moss and other growths from your roof

If you notice these growths even in sunny Stockton, CA, it is time to take action to save your shingles. These growths can, first, indicate the presence of moisture, such as from a leak in your roof. You will need to get your roof inspected to rule out an issue that needs repair.

In addition, growth on your roof can weaken your shingles, causing them to curl and leaving them susceptible to the next storm. Protect your home from weather-related damage by spraying these areas with a chlorine solution and then power washing it away.

7. Choose professional maintenance for your roof

Many of these maintenance tips can be completed on your own. However, before you DIY your roof maintenance, consider the difference that professional help can make. Will it cost you a little more than doing the work yourself? Most likely. However, you will reap benefits for your pocketbook, yourself and your home. Here are some of the advantages an expert can offer:

  • Less risk to yourself from climbing up on the roof
  • Knowledgeable inspections
  • Years or decades of experience with all kinds of roofs
  • Thorough and high-quality repairs
  • Longer-lasting roof
Professional roof maintenance services

If you want to maximize the amount of time you enjoy your roof in Stockton, CA, use Phoenix Roofing & Solar for assistance with residential roofing inspections, repairs, and replacements. We have 3 generations of experience behind us, so we know how to identify, and repair, problems before they become money-sucking issues. And, when it is time for a roof replacement, we are available with the options, the insights, and the expertise you need to get the perfect roof for your home.

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